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How long does it take for my Rep Code to be approved?

It generally takes 3-5 working days for applications to be approved.

How do I earn points?
You earn points by promoting your Rep Code to friends, family, colleagues to use when shopping at Underated. We suggest posting your Rep Code in social media profiles, tweets, emails, blogs or anything else you can create to get the word out. The more you spread the word, the more points you could earn. 


How long do points remain pending before available? What determines if points are approved or canceled?

Points remain pending for up to 14 business days. We need to make sure that all sales are 100% successful. This means that the payment has been processed, the order has reached its destination and there are no returns. If there are no returns after 14 days your points will be approved and made available to you! In the event an order placed with your Rep Code is canceled, the points from that sale will be canceled as well.

Why were my points canceled?

A Rep that has been inactive for 60 days will have their unredeemed points canceled on the 60th day of inactivity. Please note that any points earned by an Active Rep have to be redeemed within 120 days or they will be canceled.

I just used my own Rep Code on a purchase so why didn’t I earn any points?

You can't earn points for your own purchases but you will still get the discount. The whole point of the program is to spread awareness and introduce new people to Underated so share your Rep Code and start earning!

What is the conversion for points to cash or a gift coupon towards clothes?

You earn 50 points for every £10 that people spend using your Rep Code. You can use your points towards cash or clothes. The point value and what you get back changes depending on whether you choose a gift coupon or cash. If you choose a gift coupon, it’s worth more in value than cash!

Example: Your friend spent £50 on a new tshirt from Underated using your Rep Code. You earn either 250 points = £2.5 cash or £5 gift coupon.

Points Breakdown
50 points = 0.50p in cash or £1.00 in gift coupon 
100 points = £1.00 in cash or £2.00 in gift coupon 
500 points = £5.00 in cash or £10 in gift coupon
1000 points = £10 in cash or £20 in gift coupon
5000 points = £50 in cash or £100 in gift coupon
10000 points = £100 in cash or £200 in gift coupon
50000 points = £500 in cash or £1000 in gift coupon
Can I use Rep Codes and Discount Codes together?

No! You can only use one code per transaction. 

When can I redeem my points for cash or gift coupon?

You can only redeem your points for cash or gift coupon once you have acquired 5000+ points. Cash payments are paid via PayPal. Gift coupons can only be used at Underatedco.com.

When will I receive my cash PayPal payment?

Payments will appear in your PayPal account in 1-2 working days.

What will customers receive as a discount after I direct them to your site?

They will receive 15% off their purchases.

What are some great ways to be a Top Rep?

Post your Rep Codes on your Instagram, Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube videos, and even in their email signature. The more you get your Rep Code out there, the better the chance it will be used and earn you points! 

If you have additional questions that aren't answered in our FAQ's, email us at rep@underatedco.com.