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For a while now the A$AP Mob affiliate, Ian Connor has been calling Scott out on his fashion inspiration, not long we also saw A$AP Nast voicing out his opinions on Travis Scott for his similar fashion choices with the A$AP Mob, stating that he doesn't want any "beef" with Travis, and that his music is "fire," but simply feels that the rapper needs to "stop stealing A$AP's swag". A$AP Rocky doesn't seem to be bothered by all  the chatter, in fact, he gave the “Antidote” rapper props. “They do say imitation is the highest form of flattery… But what I will say about that is, you can’t come at a rapper with video clips. You gotta come with music. That man, he doing his thing, he doing what he supposed to do. He gettin’ fly, he fuckin’ bitches, and he makin’ music. I don’t see the problem.” He made it clear that he doesn’t have beef with Travis in his interview with Hot 97, “I don’t know him too well”.

So here at UNDERATED we are here to settle the battle between A$AP Rocky and Travis Scott, on whose style we are feeling more.

A$AP is known for some of his takes on sporty looks like when he paid tribute to his host country, dressing in a hip-hop approximation of a 20s Oxbridge PE kit, and he looked pretty good doing it.

A$AP is also known to look pretty swanky like when he was invited to New York fashion fest the Costume Institute Gala, wearing a crisp white dress shirt with a winged collar, sharp skinny black trousers, pointy ankle boots, and a very cool three-quarter length tux/coat jacket.

We don't think anyone could look as cool and relaxed as A$AP does and yet still be effortlessly stylish  with the brilliance of his comfy outfit. A$AP's take on preppy style is enough to make you step out to the store to get the latest monochrome varsity jacket or various items to create a preppy look influenced by his take.

We would say Travis Scott finds a lot of influence from A$AP Rocky as he said,and there is nothing wrong with flattery, however, we don't personally feel Travis finds all his influence from A$AP or is stealing his style as said by A$AP Mob. Travis has interests in some items that would be associated with the A$AP Mob but that doesn't mean he is jacking their style.

Travis take on streetwear and style is more like that of a toned down rebellious one, he doesn't tend to experiment with Preppy, Swanky styles, he however has more fun within the area of Sporty, utilitarian and hip-hop. His energy and distinctive personality sets him a part from the rest while his music and live shows are quite bass-heavy and adrenaline-pumping, his demeanor as an individual is quite the juxtaposition of that., he tends to be in his own world always, as he stated.

Travis Scott is as much a style influence as A$AP Rocky is, though it might not be to a high demographic as that of A$AP. His style ranges from the “leather jacket” look of timeless cool worn with modern flair, to a “street” comfortable and cool look with graphic tees,  he tends to have a more utilitarian and military-inspired approach with the use of camo and jackets with details inspired by war. Regardless of what he’s wearing, we can definitely say that La Flame carries enough natural confidence to make his presence felt anywhere.

A$AP's taste on streetwear is quite expensive, care free and ranges from high end brands to high street, his ability to pair items up, which you would never think would go well together or if anyone else happened to wear the outfit, it wouldn't look as good as it does on Lord Flacko. Being able to create absolutely excellent and experienced sartorial looks is what we strive for, so we have to give it to A$AP Rocky for this battle.

Share your thoughts, A$AP Rocky or Travis Scott?

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