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From hangers, to closets-in drawers, on shelves, to storage boxes, we will be looking at ways in which seem best to arrange clothes so that they don't get in the way on day activities when getting dressed, or are cluttered up to a point that it gets you frustrated.


HANG: Hangers should be used to store pants, shirts and coats.

FOLD: Knitwear,Tees, Lounge-wear and denim.

STORAGE: A suitcase or boxes should be used to store out of season garments, and could be placed on the top shelf, also smaller bags could be placed inside each other.

DOORS: Maximize closet space by using door racks to hang belts, scarves and ties.

SHOES: Using clearboxes might be a cool idea as it protects the shoes and allows you to see them from a glance, however a shoe rack is just fine. TIP: When shoes are alternated in the way they are facing, more fairs could be fitted.


DRAWERS: Using drawers are perfect for keeping fiddly things like socks and accessories at bay, draw dividers are really helpful to keep things even neater, folding socks together would make your lives much easier.

HANGERS: Using wooden hangers are best for maintaining the garment shape.

PLAN OUT THE WEEK: Its best to plan out each outfit for the whole week on a hanger rack to keep yourself organized and ready.

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