Nude For 2016 Wardrobe

With 2016 on its way, there is something new in the air and it seems like nude is slowly paving its way into streetwear fashion. From tees, to sweaters and to hoodies, various shades of nude has been noticed during the past weeks and it seems like a trend that is not dying out anytime soon.
An all nude-brown-beige look, is the definition of an understated style, shades of beige look clean, fresh and quite relaxed. If you are not yet into going all nude-brown beige with your outfit, adding a nude shade to the wardrobe is definitely the next step to take, it could be effortless styled to match in with other outfits. It seems like 2016 is going to be the year for nude in streetwear, so either start off with introducing the shade into your outfit with a tee or go all the way out with a nude sweater and beige brown joggers. UNDERATED could easily get you started on the trend.

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