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Following on from the success of our inaugural event, THRDS returns for their second highly anticipated #NOTEWWORTHYLIVE in collaboration with Underated London. Headlining act, musician and producer, Mickey Lightfoot will display his genre of bending a fusion of hip hop, grime and afro-beats set against a vivid visual and digital backdrop. Having worked with the likes of Darq E Freaker and Mos Def he has been hailed by press such as  Hunger TV, Red Bull Academy, MTV and The Guardian, as one of London’s most innovative and creative artists.


Hey ML how you doing? I guess its pretty fair to say you are now a part of our THRDS family. Great to work with you again, how did you find the photo shoot and overall creative process?

Always a pleasure. You guys know what you’re doing so it’s always fun to bounce Ideas.

So everyone is talking about our Noteworthy Live event this Easter. How does it feel to be chosen as our headline act?

Erm, like skydiving into a palace full of naked women… no jokes aside its all good.

Without revealing too much, what can people expect from your performance on the night? 

I called up Kanye yesterday, he gave me a few tips on what to do, he told me never reveal your secrets ….Haha April fools!! Ok on a serious note just expect cuts from my next project “Needy Bruises”. This will be the first showcase of some of the tracks from my new  project.


We hear you’ve practically locked yourself in the studio the last few months. How does your recording process usually work?

Yeah studio amongst the other things I do. Recording wise, it can start from a conversation, it could start from a drum. There really are no hard and fast rules for me and my crew. The objective is simply connect with an audience while remaining progressive.

Are you an artist that likes to feed off real life experiences? The more people we speak to the more we realize how important this is for songwriters.

Yeah most certainly, the job of the songwriter is to mirror life and offer a refuge for those that might not be as gifted in expressing how they feel. The aim is to empower people.

Any love songs on the horizon?

Where would you be without love ? everything starts and ends with love.


What are your thoughts on the UK scene right now, are we at a good place in your opinion?

I have to be honest I don’t bother myself with this too much. All I care about is pushing great black inspired music. Be that A&B (Avant & Black), Afrobeat, Grime, Pop etc etc. Maybe the answer is the industry is in a great place for the establishment of cutting cheques.

Radio support has often been something that UK independent artists have struggled with over here. Is this something you’ve experienced personally?

I’ve had a few radio spins, but I get why radio is the way it is. When you start to understand the music industry is not a meritocracy,  you then become at ease with the way things work out. An indie act has more chance of being on radio now than 20 yrs ago. They just need to understand that getting your music heard on radio is more than just having good music.

There seems to be a huge hype about going over to the states for reasons such as this. Do you feel your music would be more welcomed overseas or is it one big cliché?

As far as I know we are attracted to what’s fresh and new. Authentic UK acts are fresh meat out in the USA, so if an acts stars align and he, she or them has the right record at the right time, with the right financial backing and marketing, then being successful in a country that influences popular culture, on such a grand scale is possible and is both artistically and financially beneficial. The only criteria is that the act knows themselves, since everybody and their friends nose boggie will have a direction in which they think the artist should go.

ML its been a pleasure speaking to you as always. Lets bring the house down on the 2nd of April. Drinks on us!


Taking place on the first Thursday of our seasonal quarter, the residency of our event is held at Number 90 (Hackney Wick), in the new creative heart of East London. Noteworthy invites an impressive roster of future music guests spanning from all genres of music that fit under the #NOTEWORTHYLIVE banner.

Make sure you get your tickets now so you don’t miss out!


Clothes: Underated

Photography by Raeesha Nubheebucus & Underated

Words by Jay London

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