Underrated Artist: Dan Vidmar from Shy Girls

1001126_558620307524621_1620251412_n Seductive and inspiring Shy Girls producer Dan Vidmir are captivating audiences with his sweet, saxophone-laced and R & B bliss. The singer,multi-instrumentalist producer created an ubashed proclivity. The small-town East Coast artist has won girls over with his four-track EP titled Sex in the City. According to Vidmar, “Shy Girls, and specifically the new EP, is just an attempt at making music that I would want to listen too.” If you missed Shy Girls at Lollapalooza this month no need to worry, if you are lucky and live in the States then head to San Francisco CA at 'The Fillmore' on 4th September! To keep on track with the Shy Girls follow them on Facebook. 388135_397565633630090_42755021_n shy-girls-7maxresdefault

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