Underrated Artist: SZA

Screen shot 2014-07-22 at 17.11.14   Underated is creating a new series called “The Underrated.” We believe that it is through collaborating with others where things are truly accomplished. Our mission is to bridge the gap between street culture and high fashion. We want to combine fashion and music and give you a weekly artist to expand our knowledge in the music sector. Solana Rowe is our first recommendation, better known as her stage name SZA. The icy R&B neo soul sista, has now released her third EP! She appeared at Pitchfork festival a couple of days ago taking the crowd of their feet. Her oversized cut-off t-shirt coupled with a pair of black skorts gave her an effortless look. For all you style enthusiast out there, check out our elongated t-shirts to get a similar look! Perfect for the festival season.   Black_Long_Tee_grande_1024x1024_f4043a42-bba9-4250-b5bf-7b759d32cd92 Black_Logo_Short_6752e72a-3932-4bcd-8152-488edf7eebf1_large

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