Selfie Crazy

anniijunkie   The world cup may be over but the Germany's soccer superstar Mario Gotze went a little selfie crazy! This 22 year old was the first to win extra time on the match and won the World Cup Victory. He has recently been spotted with his sleek back hair along with his lingerie model girlfriend Ann-Kathrin Brommel on their friends yacht in Ibiza. Talk about living the life! We all know what a 'selfie' is. Well, I at least hope so in this modern internet age, it has even been added to the Oxford Dictionary! Does “dress to impress” define you? When it comes to streetstyle we are bound to step outside the typical realm of fashion and style! Talking about selfies, Underated have spotted some of our own! The wonders of Instagram I must say! Here is a little sneak peak to our favourite selfie photos!   Screen shot 2014-07-22 at 16.56.02 Screen shot 2014-07-22 at 16.56.41

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