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So the short wait is over, last week we made a post of BTS (Behind The Scenes) Project we were working on with @sherlinanym, and here you have it, the first part to the project, stay tuned for Part Two.

Here at UNDERATED, we feel there is a need to give ladies the spot they deserve. There is no one else who deserved to start this off other than Sherlina Nyame, or as you may all know her @sherlinanym. We had an editorial shoot bridging the gaps between gender in streetwear, producing some of our signature looks for the Underated ladies. 

Sherlina, who is from Ghana, Turkey and Germany, blew up various social media platforms with her amazing taste in fashion and skills for styling. She currently has over 700,000 followers on Instagram. Sherlina resides in Germany and paid us a visit here at  London, so we just had to get her into the Underated Studio for an editorial shoot, styled by Charlie Van Purpz and photographs taken by Jovana Mladenovic


What sparked your interest in fashion and styling?
If I wouldn't have grown up with all these good old music videos we had back in the days, like the ones from TLC, Aaliyah or Destiny's Child I wouldn't be into fashion like I am today. These girls taught me how to be stylish, especially while being casual. Putting outfits together easily everyday showed me how much I’d love to also style other people.

Do you see yourself moving to London and what two places do you make sure you visit each time you come to London?
Yes, I see myself moving to London within the next two years. I just love everything about it. Especially the fact that so many people have their own business or are makers at such a young age! I never leave London before visiting Topshop in Oxford Street and eating the yummiest jerk chicken at “Shades" in Hackney!

Could you list five must have items in your wardrobe that you would call timeless pieces?
Trench/duster coat, leather jacket, blue skinny jeans, white tee and casual trainers like the white Reebok Classics or black Stan Smith by Adidas

How did it all start and what would you point out as the reason for your success?
It all started when I moved out from my mums house two years ago and got my own place. I really enjoyed living at my mums but living alone has helped me find myself. It's ironic that I never planned on becoming a fashion blogger. I only wanted to share some of my outfits cause I really enjoyed taking pictures in my new home. And then... This happened! CONSISTENCY is the key. I've been putting up pictures almost everyday. It's also really important to stay true to yourself. I wouldn't post something just to get the likes, it's more about showing the people the real me. You either like it or you don’t.

Do you have any advice to people who look up to you, particularly for females who are having a difficult time in their place of work?
Not caring about what other people think is the best choice ever. Always do what makes YOU happy. I quit my job A few days ago and I'm more happier than ever. If your job is holding you back, no amount of money should be able to keep you there. Take some risks and pursue your passion, regardless of what it is! Don’t live a life where you might end up regretting not taking a chance.

Oversized or fitted?
Oversized. I just love shopping in men’s section!




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  • She looks Amazing!

    I’m a guy and I want to wear those clothes now hahaha

    Simon Efe on
  • Yesssss Sherlina looks so good

    Tiana on
  • I love you sherlina! You inspire me! Hopefull one day my closet will be has great as yours!!

    Shoyah on
  • Well done sherlina??

    Samy_marley on
  • Simply Amazing Sherlina!!! You’re an inspiration to so many!! A person of great influence ???

    Victoria Akinkunmi on

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